Breathe, you're not alone. You do have time and you do have options.

Adoption is often dismissed as an option, but it can be a good choice for both you and your baby. It means that you are able to continue to pursue your life goals without the responsibility of parenting or the potential regret of an abortion. 

Adoptions can be “open” with the potential of maintaining ongoing contact with your child, or can be “closed” to preserve your identity. 

Considering placing a child for adoption is an incredibly courageous decision. For some birth parents it involves working through a process of grief and loss. Adoption workers at licensed adoption agencies are experienced in supporting birth parents in creating an adoption plan, screening and choosing adoptive parents, preparing for placement and can offer, or recommend supportive counselling if needed.

Although we are not a licensed adoption agency, our staff at Live Well can help connect you with an adoption agency if this is an option you’re considering.


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